A New Way.
The days of multi-year development and deployment timelines are gone. Companies must be smart, agile, and able to adjust to the ever-changing climate of business today.
The recognition and application of existent disparate solutions to create or innovate a process, operation, or industry.
Think Big.
In today's fast paced "new" business environment, being the biggest doesn't always translate into being the best. With Adjacent Innovations the sky is the limit, so think big!

what we are

A consultancy and solutions provider for the Hospitality, Nightlife and Retail Industries. Specializing in technology and product solutions for improved organizational operations, guest experience and customer satisfaction.

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what we do

Advising businesses on how to best use information and technology to meet their business objectives. We consult on workflows, efficiencies, and solutions to help clients improve customer experience and satisfaction, while simultaneously optimizing operations of the organization. In addition to providing consulting services, we have the capacity to configure, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on businesses' behalf. That is the central theory of innovating with the adjacent possible: identifying assets and shortcuts to harness and create adjacent innovations.

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why us

Knowing a solution is only one part of doing better business. Having access to the right partner, client, or opportunity could be the difference in how your implementation and deployment plays out. Our network of resources in technology, manufacturing, media, and entertainment provide a greater opportunity for your project to get in front of the right people to optimize your resource and business, sooner rather than later.

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